Sustainable employment in the age of digitalisation

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On Monday the 6th of May 2024 in the afternoon, the SEAD consortium organises a concluding symposium as the culmination of four years of research on digitalisation in the Belgian labour market and the associated opportunities and threats for sustainable work.

The main findings of the project will be presented and the research team will engage in a debate with stakeholders and the audience on topics such as changing occupations, work intensification and the platform economy. A detailed programme will be communicated in the coming weeks.

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When? 6th of May 2024 (12h until 16h30, including lunch)

Where? U-Residence, VUB campus, Brussels

Who? Everyone interested in the effects of digitalisation on employment, job quality and labour market (outcomes)

What? Presentation of key findings from the SEAD project + a panel discussion on related policy-relevant topics

In case of questions, please contact the project manager at 


“Sustainable Employment in the Age of Digitalisation” (SEAD) is a research project funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy that aims to investigate the employment-related opportunities and threats associated with the digital revolution.

The ever more rapid development and adoption of new technologies raises questions about the possible disruptive impact of this digital revolution on the world of work and employment. The general concern is that automation and changing skill requirements will threaten many individuals’ jobs, might affect the task content of occupations or hamper job quality. The way employment is organised in companies or other types of organisations might also be heavily affected by technological development: increases in non-standard, flexible and project-based forms of employment are often seen as problematic for the quality of work. Of course, new technologies do not only pose threats, but also come with tremendous new opportunities such as job creation in growing and/or new sectors, novel business models, innovative types of employment allowing for ‘desirable flexibility’ and intrinsically rich jobs with high levels of autonomy.

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Sustainable employment in the age of digitalisation – Research project